American fighter compared Fedor Emelianenko with a goat

American mixed style fighter (MMA) Frank Mir compared Russian Fedor Emelianenko with a goat in a manner to communicate with journalists. The words of the athlete leads RT.

“It’s not the favorite thing to give interviews and talk about yourself four times a day. But the fans want to hear it. You can instead be a goat like Fedor, and just do not want to give an interview. But because of this for a while the broadcast of the fights of Fedor was poorly sold. Therefore, the arenas were not filled, “said Mir.

He noted that he considers Emelianenko a great fighter and an inspiring person, a quiet and polite athlete.

“But at the same time he does not admit people to himself. He does not let you know who he really is. Therefore, it is difficult for people to communicate with him, “the fighter added.

April 29 Emelianenko and Mir will meet at the Bellator 198 tournament in Chicago.


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