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Amazon Company announced the introduction of new rules for the protection of the Amazon CloudFront service domains, which imply a ban on the use of Amazon networks for domain fronts (domain fronting), which allows you to redirect traffic to your own servers through the masking domain. This Tuesday, May 1, reported in the company’s blog.

Among other things, front-end is used to bypass locks. It was this method that Telegram used to overcome the prohibition of Roskomnadzor.

In Amazon, this initiative was explained by the need to fight fraudsters. "None of the clients would like to know that someone else is masquerading as his domain", – explained in the company.

In the fight against Telegram

Roskomnadzor, by a court decision, began to block the telegram from April 16 after the company’s refusal to provide the Russian secret services with encryption keys. To circumvent blocking Telegram used the Amazon Web IP addresses Services and Google Cloud. In response, Roskomnadzor began massively blocking them. Already on April 17, the number of blocked IP-addresses reached 19 million, which led to numerous disruptions in the work of Internet resources.

On April 19, Google banned the use of domain fronts on its networks.

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