Aman Tuleyev renounced his successor

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Speaker of the regional council of the Kemerovo region, ex-head of the region Aman Tuleev informed the deputies that he has no personal relations with the interim governor Sergey Tsivilev, whom Mr. Tuleyev did not invite to work. The regional committee of the Communist Party believes that the conflict between the speaker and the provisional governor began to flare up.

On Wednesday, after a regular session, Aman Tuleyev, chairman of the council of people’s deputies of the Kemerovo region, met with the deputy corps. At the meeting, the speaker “answered questions and appeals addressed to the regional council and deputies of different levels.” A report on this appeared on the website of the regional parliament. “They say that the provincial governor "Appointed to Kuzbass at the invitation of Tuleyev". I responsibly declare that I do not have any personal relations with Tsivilev, I just do not know him, he is appointed "from above". In order to know a person at least a bit, you need his exact autobiography and, of course, a tax return. Something superficial to talk about it, I simply can not! “- quoted the press service of Mr. Tuleyev’s words. He also added that he had three possible candidates for successors: “All of them from Kuzbass, their names for obvious reasons, I can not call.”

In early March, Aman Tuleev introduced the vice-governor of industry Sergei Tsivilev at a hardware meeting in the regional administration. After the presentation, the new deputy went on a first working visit to the Kemerovo plant. There, Sergei Tsivilev told reporters that Mr. Tuleyev had invited him to work. Mr. Tsivilev was appointed head of the Kuznetsk Basin on April 1. Aman Tuleyev left the post in connection with a fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”, where 60 people were killed.

Aman Tuleyev renounced his successor

Vrio of the governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev

On Wednesday morning on the site of the local administration there was information about the incomes of the incumbent governor from January 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. In the income declaration, Sergei Tsivilev declared zero income. He has neither real estate nor land in property. The only movable property is the three-wheeled Spyder BRP Can-Am. Prior to his arrival in Kuzbass, Sergei Tsivilev headed the Yakut coal company Kolmar. After appointment to the post of vice-governor of the Kuzbass industry, he gave his wife 70% of the group he owned.

In the evening, the press service of the regional administration reported that the data on the incomes of Sergei Tsivilev are erroneous. “When you publish information about the income provided by the provisional governor, there was a technical failure. The updated information will appear on the site in the near future, “the press service told Kommersant. At 22:00 local time, the data has not been updated.

Aman Tuleyev renounced his successorWhat was said about the appointment of Sergei Tsivilev

The experts interviewed by Kommersant believe that the words of Aman Tuleyev testify to the continuing confrontation between the ex-head of the region and the provisional governor. Kemerovo political scientist Andriy Polukhin calls him “a secret struggle for power” and expects “next surprises”. The deputy of the regional council of the LDPR Igor Ukraintsev believes that the emotional statement – that in the style of Aman Tuleyev – became only an advertisement to Sergei Tsivilev. “If Aman Gumirovich wanted in this way to belittle Mr. Tsivilev, then, in my opinion, he received a backlash. Now, if Tuleyev speaks ill to someone, then this person is given more attention and is treated more favorably, “Mr. Ukraintsev told Kommersant.

The first secretary of the Kemerovo Regional Committee of the Communist Party, Nikolai Mukhin, repeats that this is the continuation of the conflict between the former head of the Kuzbass and his acting duties. “The conflict flares up, and Tuleyev is nervous. He is enraged that Tsivilev surrounds himself with people from his former surroundings. He will now use any mistake of the provisional governor to point to it, “Mr. Mukhin explained to Kommersant. He also notes that Mr. Tuleyev has a specific sense of humor. “Remember that the ex-governor resigned on April 1”.

Yulia Matyushchenko, Kemerovo

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