Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata talked about the trauma that haunted him all season.

“I experienced a difficult year. Everything started very well. Everyone loved me and I scored goals, but now everything is different. I would prefer to get a muscle rupture and retire for three months, rather than not knowing what is happening to me. I wanted to play and score goals, but I could not. I did not know what I had. The Chelsea doctor knew, but other doctors in England did not find this problem. We went to Germany, and what happened there was very hard for me.

I went to Germany several times for treatment, there they gave me injections in the back. It hurt, but I had to return to London for training. I think I made a mistake. I needed to not play a certain time. With the injury you can play one match, but not a month.

I will not do it again. I suffered a lot. After matches or training, I had to do two or three injections, because I can not stand the pain. Nobody knew what kind of injury I had. The pain came suddenly.

Before the match with “West Ham” I was told that I would become a father. I wanted to play, but could not move even on the warm-up. I told the doctor to give me a shot because I need to play. I wanted to dedicate a goal to a future child. Everything was bad, “- shared the feelings of Morat.

Alvaro Morata moved from Real Madrid to Chelsea in July 2017. For the London club, the football player played 45 matches and scored 15 goals.


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