Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

“Attack wins matches, defense wins titles” – this catch phrase is generally attributed to Sir Alex Ferguson, but there is no doubt that it reflects the coaching philosophy of Yuri Semin.

Two of the championship “Locomotive” under his leadership in the early 2000s, was produced in a very pragmatic style, which meant a reasonable balance without bias attack (both times the railwaymen were not in the top three performance, but missed the least in the League) and the strict observance of discipline.

This season is on the safe side once again is justified (19 goals conceded is the current minimum), and the spring part of the championship “the locomotive” has played in 6 of 8 matches “zero”.

The average “norm of tolerance” is 2.8 scoring chances at the gate (less than just “Rostov” and 2.6 per game) and, more importantly, significant drawdowns on this level the memory of a dreadful 1-8 in two games against atl├ętico this season).

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

In home games defensive statistics Loko looks particularly impressive, although it is possible to find a formal exception in the form of the March match with “amkarom” (7 points allowed), which was played at Cherkizovo, but de jure was listed as away.

The key to defensive stability is no obvious structural defects and weak links, high-pressure damaging effects. All key components – a positional defensiveness, resistance, counterattack and standards team. Semin can put a rating range from “good” to “excellent”, although hard-to-explain failures happen, too.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

For example, a glaring error out of the blue Pejcinovic, who gave Smolov a goal in the last match with the “bulls” absolutely uncharacteristic neither for the team nor for him personally. For the first time in the championship uncompensated loss of players “Loko” in the defensive third, led to fatal consequences, and to catch in the slip consistency.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

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A relatively weak place “Loko” it can be assumed that vulnerability to long-range artillery. After the shots from outside the penalty area, the team, the semi- missed almost in the middle of the league (6 of 19) – all of them occurred in the autumn.

However, in the same game with “Krasnodar” was more curious from the practical point of view, the event.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

The fact that until the last round “the locomotive” remained the only team that never missed after the opponent’s attacks from the right flank. It looked especially weird because the left-and-behind position in the “Loco” is the most large-scale rotation (in the last matches Rybus staked their place, but Mikhail Lysov and Vitaly Denisov should be the most vulnerable.

Funny that the “soak” this statistical anomaly, it was able to “bulls”, which flanks attack very reluctantly – in contrast, Zenit, under such a game as sharpened. By the way, in the first leg of the team, Mancini was badly battered “Loco” again on the flanks, although for the season “railwaymen” flanking the resistance and “krasnostawski” (at least in the three episodes of seminci, frankly bounced) at a very respectable level.

Almost a train. Semin puts on the defense and rightly so

Thanks to the 196-centimetre giant Kvirkvelia and powerful Tarasov Lokomotiv is good and neutralize the hinged standards (only 3 goals conceded – less only “Zenith” and “ruby”), although in the spring the filing of Paredes, almost every game have a real goal-scoring perspective. Whether the Argentine braid to go around the Georgian boulder and find a light ball head or other body.

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