Two-time world champion Evgeny Medvedev can change sports citizenship, reports “All sports” referring to a source familiar with the situation.

On the eve it became known that Medvedev halts cooperation with coach Eteri Tutberidze.

As a possible candidate for the position of the coach of the Russian women is called the famous canadian specialist Brian Orser. It is expected that in July, Medvedev will move to Canada in order to start working with Orser.

In addition, the athlete can change citizenship and start playing for the national team of Armenia.

Quarantine when moving to another country is two years from the last performance (in the case Medvedeva – February 23, 2018). Thus, a two-time silver medalist of the Games-2018 will be able to go on the ice for his new team at the world Cup 2020.

Medvedev halts cooperation with Tutberidze


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