“It’s good that we have ridden in the main arena – we will understand what to expect from the ice,” Zhamnov quotes the official website of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. – Today was only the first day – in the future it will be better.

– The Russian team was the first who tried local ice.

– In fact of the matter. The first hard to check the ice – it is clear that he is still wet. I hope in the future will be better. All the same, paint was put under it – this must be taken into account.

– Why did you decide to train right after coming to Denmark? Do guys feel tired?

– No, it’s okay. I think it’s right to get out on the ice and “drive out the juice”, sweat. On the contrary, it’s good that the guys were exhausted.

– How many players will announce tomorrow?

– We do not plan to announce anything yet – we still have time for this. We will announce the composition two hours before the first game – until the last we will consider it.

– What do you think about readiness to play Nikita Gusev and Kirill Kaprizov?

– This is our internal kitchen, and while we are waiting for all the data from our doctors. Let’s see how everything will turn out.

Recall, the first match in the tournament, the Russian team will hold on May 4 against the team of France.


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