Alexander Zhukov was suspected of leaving OCD

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The Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR). Several sources said that occupying the post of President of the structure since 2010 Alexander Zhukov has no plans to stand as a candidate at the next election. They will be held may 29. Kommersant’s sources call this version of the “real.”

Reputable in the Olympic movement resource Aroundtherings reported that, according to him, the Olympic Committee of Russia a month later the head may change. The next presidential election in the structure will be held may 29, and the portal claims that occupying this post since 2010 Alexander Zhukov has no plans to put them on his candidacy.

A Kommersant source in the Russian sports guide called this version of “real.”

Another source suggested that Obama “could still change her mind to leave the post”, especially given the fact that “there is an agreed candidate” his mate.

Question about the departure of mister Zhukov has been raised. In October 2016, in the midst of the Russian doping crisis, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has appeared in fact announced, saying that Zhukov “would focus” on the working in the state of the ROC. Deputy speaker. Meanwhile, Alexander Zhukov has kept the post. Sources have an attribute of this to the reluctance of Russia to lose one of its members to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Breaking the post in OCD, Mr Beetles at the same time I broke up with a post in the IOC, received the quota of heads of the national Olympic committees.

Alexander Zhukov was suspected of leaving OCD

After doping scandal, Zhukov was removed from the IOC

For the head structure of the world, such a move also would create some problems. The fact that Alexander Zhukov oversees an important direction in its activity, leading the coordination Commission for the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

In December last year, Mr. Zhukov formally deprived of membership in the IOC. When applying for, ROC and its President. However, immediately after the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, at the end of February, the sanctions were lifted, and the status of Alexander Zhukov restored.

Arnold Boar

In early March, the IOC was restored to the status of the ROC, due to the provisional suspension of which the domestic team was forced to compete at the Olympics in Pyeongchang in the neutral status, without the right to use the national anthem and flag in a much weakened structure. This news, however, most likely, does not mean that Russia can forget about the problems associated with doping crisis. They seem to be still threatened by the world anti-doping Agency (WADA).



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