Alexander Selikhov: "Winners are not judged. I congratulate Lokomotiv

Photo: © FC “Spartak”

Goalkeeper “Spartacus” Alexander Selikhov after the victory over “Rostov” (2-0) in the match of the 29th round Premier League congratulated “Locomotive” with the winning of gold medals.

– Passing matches do not happen. On the character have achieved their, well done, “said Selikhov.

– Carrera said that you may have some psychological problems. Is it true?

– Actually, it’s hard after “Tosno” and “Akhmat”. In Perm, I did everything right, but not all worked out either. It is necessary to perebaryvat this situation.

– How do you chart with three central defenders including Pashalic?

– I do not care who to play with. Let even Massimo Carrera come out!

– When they learned that the “Loco” champion, the mood has changed?

– Before the match I did not know the result of the match “Loco” – “Zenith”. They said only during the break.

– “Locomotive” took the gold on the case?

– Once I got more points, I deserved it. And in the first round I made Loko a gift. If it were not for the absurd matches, we would be competitors until the last round. But the winners are not judged. I congratulate Lokomotiv with the championship.

– Which matches are the most offensive?

– “Tosno” and “Ural” on the road. And it was the match with Loko, when they were 2-0.

Alexander Selikhov: "Winners are not judged. I congratulate LokomotivSpartak – Rostov – 2: 0. Goals and the best moments


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