Alayev: FC "Tosno" no longer has the opportunity to obtain a license to participate in European competitionActing president of the Russian Football Union Alexander Alayev

MOSCOW, May 4. / Corr. Anton Rasskazov. "Tosno" taking into account the violation of the deadlines for filing documents and the current financial situation in the club, not only has no right to obtain a license to participate in European competition, but also risks not obtaining a license from the Russian Football Union (RFU). The situation with the licensing of the finalists of the Cup of the country "Tosno" and Kursk "Vanguard" for the TASS, the acting president of the RFU Alexander Alaev clarified.

"Tosno" and Kursk "Vanguard" will meet in the finals of the Cup of Russia in Volgograd on May 9. The winner will get the right to start in the group stage of the Europa League next season.

"In connection with the statements of the leaders of FC appeared in a number of mass media "Tosno" regarding the alleged filing of documents for a UEFA license, I would like to clarify that in accordance with the schedule of licensing and financial control of football clubs for the season-2018/19 for club competitions held by UEFA and / or RFU, the deadline for the application of UEFA license applications by football clubs and / or RFS – March 5, 2018. This date was approved by UEFA. Currently, applications for a UEFA license from FC "Tosno" did not arrive, that is, all the deadlines for submitting applications have passed. All clubs of the Premier League, including "Tosno", the schedule was sent on January 22, 2018, as well as explained at the RFU licensing seminar on February 13 in Grozny".

Alaev noted that the club from the Leningrad region violated all the terms of filing documents for a license and is no longer able to file a special application for licensing to the Union of European Football Associations.

"Opportunities for FC "Tosno" as the club RFPL later to file a special application for the exclusive application of the system, licensing of UEFA does not exist. Thus, the issue of consideration of the club’s documents for UEFA licensing is closed due to certain inactivity of the FC management "Tosno", – he declared. – Perhaps, for the adoption of such a decision, the role played by the presence of increased [in comparison with the RFU license] requirements to the applicant clubs for obtaining a UEFA license".

For example, the club was due to pay off all accounts payable (liabilities for which payment was formed by the club before December 31, 2017) to employees, non-budgetary funds, tax authorities (for personal income tax), football clubs, schools, national Football associations (transfer payments, solidarity payments, compensation for the training of football players). This criterion would not have been fulfilled by the club even if such a debt were repaid after March 31, and the UEFA license in that case would not have been issued"Alaev added.

According to the UEFA regulations, if "Tosno" will be the winner of the Cup of the country and will not receive a license, the place in the European League will be given to the team that took the highest place in the championship from unqualified in the European Cup and having a UEFA license. At the same time, from the group stage of the tournament the team that has become the fourth in the championship starts, and the two remaining start from the penultimate, third qualifying round of the League of Europe.

For two rounds before the end of the championship, fourth place "Zenith" (50 points), followed by "Krasnodar" (50) and "Ufa" (39). Earlier, applications for a license were filed by UEFA "Ufa", and also going at the moment the seventh in the championship of Tula "Arsenal" (39).

"Tosno" risk to remain without a license RFU

Alayev noted that the RFU is concerned about the "Tosno" the situation with debts to the players.

"The RAF expresses particular concern about the statements of the club management that appeared in the media, information from the club’s players, about the outstanding debts and the complexity of forming the club’s budget for the next season, “he said. – This information and all documents previously submitted by the club will be properly checked by experts and bodies of the RFU. Such an ambiguous situation may jeopardize the receipt of FC "Tosno" also the RFU license. In our opinion, the club needs to activate the work on the implementation of the RFU rules on licensing football clubs as soon as possible".

"To obtain the RFU license, this is still possible", – he added.

"Vanguard" passes the procedure in UEFA

The interlocutor of TASS reported that "Vanguard" passes licensing in UEFA.

"Given that this club does not represent the highest division, for him in accordance with the rules of UEFA club licensing and financial "fair play" (Article 15 and Annex IV) provides for a special procedure for the possible acquisition of a UEFA license with other licensing terms and more simplified requirements for licensing criteria: sports, infrastructure, personnel, administrative, legal and financial, “said the acting president of the RFU. – "Vanguard" took this opportunity and is currently undergoing this procedure, the documents were sent to UEFA today".

"Decision on the issue or non-issue of a UEFA license to a football club "Vanguard" for the sports season-2018/19 and for the relevant club tournament UEFA will be made directly by the relevant body of UEFA, not the RFU. Naturally, this is possible only on condition of a victory in the Cup of Russia in football"Alayev noted.

The licensing rules are being improved

Alayev described how he sees the situation with licensing of clubs in Russia as a whole.

"The rules of the licensing system are constantly being improved: the requirements for the qualification of the responsible employees of football clubs (coaching staff, administrative and medical personnel), the infrastructure of football clubs (stadiums for home matches, training facilities), the development of youth football and medical services for players are being increased. This allows you to transfer non-amateur football clubs to a brand new level of organization. Particular attention is paid to financial discipline and the rational use of club finance"Alaev said.

"The Russian Football Union annually conducts training seminars for representatives of football clubs and participants of the licensing and financial control system on all possible issues. According to the results of the annual audit of the work of the licensing department of the RFU, SGS (August 2017), authorized by UEFA, issued a certificate recognizing that the RFS licensing system fully meets European standards and works in accordance with international requirements. For my part, I can only appeal to all football clubs with a desire to promptly and accurately fulfill all the necessary requirements regarding the passage of licensing procedures and obtaining licenses from the RAF and UEFA", – he added.


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