Aksyonov explained the detention of a Ukrainian ship off the coast of Crimea

Detention of the Ukrainian fishing vessel near the Crimean coast was made in accordance with Russian legislation and is designed to prevent damage to the Crimean region, said the head of the republic Sergei Aksyonov.

As previously reported “Russian Spring”, Ukrainian fishing vessel “YAMK-0041” illegally mining plaice in the exclusive economic zone of Russia (west of Cape Tarkhankut), was detained on Friday in the Black Sea by the border patrol ship of the Russian Federation “Ametist”.

The vessel and the crew – five Ukrainian citizens – were brought to the Crimea “for procedural actions”. The border guards stressed that they acted “in strict accordance with international maritime law”.

Press Secretary of the State Border Service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan, in turn, said that the detained vessel did not have permission to cross the Ukrainian-Russian border.

“All the actions carried out by the FSB frontier service were carried out in accordance with Russian law. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian authorities are determined to inflict the maximum damage to the Russian Crimea. Therefore, I am sure that all measures taken by the Russian Federation are correct and necessary, “wrote Aksyonov on his Facebook page.

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