Russian businessman Alexander Vikharev filed the first suit in Russia against Roskomnadzor because of the negative consequences that the attempts of the agency to block the telegram messenger led to. Through the court, he will seek compensation in the amount of five million rubles because of the losses incurred by his company. The document is at the disposal of Novaya Gazeta.

“We estimate losses of about five million rubles. But for us it is more of an attempt to refund money, but an attempt to call Roskomnadzor to account. In fact, this is our civil position and the position of business, to which the actions of the Roskomnadzor interfere effectively work, “the businessman told Novaya Gazeta.

Vikharev manages the company InveStore, which attracts investments in commercial real estate. According to him, due to blocking of third-party resources, the company began to receive complaints from customers that they can not register on its platform.

“Most of our users simply could not register on the platform and get the service that the platform provides. Since we are bringing a new service to the market, market positioning is important for you. If our service does not meet the needs of customers, then, of course, this is primarily reputational risks. This prevents us from promoting the product. Such actions are blocked, frankly, the company’s advancement in the future, “Vikharev noted.

The suit of the businessman, with his words, was adopted. “We estimate the result is 50/50. It is clear that we are ready to back up those demands that we are demanding and to substantiate in every possible way, “the businessman added and again emphasized:” The main goal for us was to declare the problems of business openly. “

When asked if he is afraid of pressure on his business in the future, the entrepreneur answered negatively. “We have nothing to hide. We are not afraid of any checks. We are ready to show and reveal everything, “he said.

Earlier, the lawyers of the project “Roskomvoboda” called on Internet users affected by Roskomnadzor to write complaints to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Roskomnadzor since mid-April is trying to block the messenger Telegram. Because of the blockages, there were problems with Russian sites that use the cloud-based IP addresses of Amazon and Google, since Sunday, the main services of Google are also interrupted.

The software company Flexbby considered that within a few months Russian companies affected by the massive locks of Roskomnadzor could lose $ 1 billion. The US companies Google and Amazon could lose about the same amount.


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