After a terrible rumble on Sampsonievsky it turned out that the foreign car no longer has a bumperPlace of accident. Photo: Road accident and state of emergency Saint-Petersburg

Another traffic accident happened in Vyborgsky district of the Northern capital. Two foreign cars, black and white, collided with such a rumble that eyewitnesses assumed the worst.

According to the accident and the state of emergency St. Petersburg, two foreign cars could not part on the Bolshoi Sampsonievsky Avenue. An eyewitness of the incident, who posted a photo from the accident scene in the social network, said that only metal was injured – all people are alive.

He noted that there was a terrible rumble at the collision, fortunately, today there are few days off and there are not enough cars, apparently there will not be traffic jams.

The photos show that the black car is beaten harder, the bumper is falling off, on such an iron horse you can not go anywhere, it is only necessary to send the car for repairs.

Commentators in the social network do not understand how one of the cars was on the oncoming lane.


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