Admiral of the Russian Federation and Ukraine fought in the "Sea Battle" for the Kerch Strait

Russian admirals on the air of the NNS explained to their Ukrainian counterpart why Kiev should not be afraid of the blockade of Kerch


Russia will not block the Kerch Strait for the passage of Ukrainian ships from the Black Sea to Mariupol and Berdansk. Such a statement was made on the air of HNS former chief of staff of the Russian Navy (1991-1996), Admiral Valentin Selivanov in response to the concerns voiced by the Ukrainian Admiral Igor Kabanenko.

Selivanov called the representative of the Ukrainian Navy “operetta admiral”, and his statements on the Kerch Strait considered “outright stupidity.”

“This admiral can not be an admiral. To get this title one must command a division of ships. And in Ukraine now there is not a single ship. What kind of admiral is he if he never commanded anything? This is the operetta admiral, who makes silly statements, “- said the agency interlocutor.

The Admiral is sure that the statement about the blockade of the strait connecting Black with the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov was made “for political purposes.”

Selivanov recalled that there is the Montreux Convention, which clearly specifies how ships of the Black Sea countries and non-Black Sea countries should pass through the straits. No one claims a blockade until there is a war.

“The blockade is a stage of military operations. There are no military operations between our states, so there can not be any blockades. This statement is made for a political purpose. Nobody forbids Ukrainians to swim there, no one will block them. This is nonsense, which can not even be commented on, “concluded Admiral Selivanov.

His colleague, former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Komoedov on the contrary supported the possible Russian blockade of the Kerch Strait for Ukraine.

“We will do it right,” HCH Komedov.

Asked by the agency whether Ukraine will be able to respond with a blockade on its part, the admiral replied shortly and harshly: “The navel will untie them!”

Earlier, the Ukrainian Admiral Igor Kabanenko in a conversation with journalists suggested that Kiev should prepare for the blockade of the Kerch Strait on the part of Russia, therefore, it is necessary to work out measures to convoy ships to Mariupol by military and border guards.


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