The nuclear power unit “Akademik Lomonosov” left St. Petersburg. Order for the “floating nuclear power plant” was once saved by the Baltic plant, and now its future is again in question.

"Academician Lomonosov" made the workers of Baltzavod cry

The 144-meter power unit stood for a long time at the berth of Baltzavod, which seems to have grown into it. At 10:20 am, he was able to tear off five tugs from the wall. A long whistle sounded, and in the eyes of hundreds of workers who even occupied the decks of the unfinished icebreakers “Arctic” and “Siberia”, the machine entered the water area of ​​the Neva.

The project of the floating nuclear power plant for Russia is a landmark – the world’s first, the first of its kind. Such a rare triumph of domestic technologies lately is not on the screen, but in the live. To enjoy the moment the representatives of the customer – Rosatom – preferred without the builders. None of the employees of Baltzavod on board a specially chartered motor ship “Moscow” was not taken. There were no comments in the official mailing of the corporation.

    "Academician Lomonosov" made the workers of Baltzavod cry

The construction of the “floating nuclear power plant” was accompanied by constant postponements. In 2010, Rosenergoatom announced that the station would be ready by the end of 2012, and its commissioning is planned in 2013, then it was going to be completed in 2016, then moved to the 2019th. The construction was going on for so long that the power unit even began to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year.

And the representative of Rosenergoatom “Fontanka” did not call the final cost. It is only known that at the beginning of construction it was estimated at 2.9 billion rubles, and then the figures sounded 11 billion rubles, then 37.3 billion rubles, while independent experts informed the media about 44 billion – it’s almost like “St. Petersburg Arena “And according to terms, and finances, and even the scope of the project, with only two nuclear reactors.

About the Baltzavod representative of Rosenergoatom said only one thing: “he received a unique experience”, he had problems, and “the order became his salvation.” But he added that any company will cope with the ship’s part of future similar projects. Which will decide the contest. Now, Rosatom is considering the participation of foreign players in it.

“Academician Lomonosov” really became a lifeline for Baltzavod, which since 2005 blew out the structure of the OPK Sergei Pugachev. Vital areas of the territory were sold to outside companies, which they then rented to their plant. Money flowed away, and everything went to massive layoffs. The enterprise was visited by Vladimir Putin, the new power unit became the thread behind which the company, already under the leadership of USC, began to pull.

But in the USC, Baltzavod is experiencing hard times. The discussion of the partial development of the territory was resumed, orders were being floated from the factory. The possibility of transferring the construction of a promising superpower nuclear icebreaker “Leader” from the Baltic plant to the Northern shipyard is under consideration. The official reason is technical. The plant needs to build a new dry dock for 12.5 billion rubles, and the USC has not sponsored this project yet. In addition, the second largest order Baltzavoda – non-nuclear icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin – is also now being built at the facilities of the Admiralty Shipyards, on the neighboring bank of the Neva.

And as the head of USC Alexei Rakhmanov clearly expressed in an interview with Fontanka, speaking about the fate of Baltzavod, the key issue for any shipyard is loading.

“If it exists, the enterprise lives, if not – as they say,” teeth on the shelf, “the plant is on a” stick, “he said.

So it’s no surprise that the workers saw off the station literally with tears in their eyes. Say goodbye to stability.

Ilya Kazakov,



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