So, what is this blog for, and what do we write about it?

Firstly, feedback of our customers, partners, freelancers, in general, all with whom we have worked together is very important for us. To promote this, we have already created and will continue to develop and maintain a Facebook page, we are conducting a microblog on Twitter. This blog is one more step in this direction.

Secondly, all our employees have a professional interest in various areas in which they monitor modern trends:

start-ups, innovations, knowledge economy;
creation, dissemination and use of knowledge;
virtual teams and in general remote work;
the market of transfers in Russia and in the world;
automation of translation companies and quality control of translations;
Translation Memory and other interpreter tools;
general management issues.
On the one hand, in these areas there are a lot of interesting publications (primarily in English), most of which have not been translated into Russian and are not known to a wide range of readers. On the other hand, on all these issues our employees have accumulated their own unique experience, which I want to share. Therefore, in this blog we publish our own articles on various topical issues, as well as translations of foreign authors. In this sense, we are in an ideal position – our interests are combined with the professional knowledge of foreign languages.

Just want to emphasize that this blog is our private initiative, and not a corporate event, and accordingly translations and reviews of interesting publications, we all dealt with and will do it in our spare time and not at the expense of the company, and all the opinions expressed in this blog are not the official point view of the company and may disagree with it. On the part of the company’s management, the only condition was put forward – any published translations should satisfy the highest quality requirements (this is in general for the best for you, the reader).