The police in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg were forced to interrupt the night’s fun in the club-restaurant Discount near the metro Prospekt Prosveshcheniya.

As it became known to “Fontanka”, at half past four in the morning on April 28 duty on duty “112” received a call. The subscriber informed about the threat of an explosion in the club and even admitted that he himself had laid the bomb. When the IED should work, I did not specify, but added that I left it 25 minutes ago. Did the man live in the same house where the club is located, or for another reason decided on such a call, "Fontanka" not known.

But stayed until Saturday morning, he still dispersed: visitors and staff were evacuated, the institution was examined. However, his share of fun was received and 35-year-old “miner”. He was found by phone number, taken to the police department. From there, they later released him on a recognizance not to leave the city, but already as a suspect in a criminal case about a knowingly false report about an act of terrorism.


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