Thought that only in Russia they like to prohibit everything? But we have not yet banned sex – and in some countries it is banned. Not all, of course, but some things in different countries fall under the ban. Here are a few such cases:

5 funny cases when politicians banned sex

  1. Uganda forbids gays. And they want to ban oral sex

In 2014, the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, passed a law on which gays are threatened with life. Now he suggests banning oral sex: he says that the mouth is made for eating, not for sex. And those who continue to do this will have worms.

  • In Kenya, owners of sex dolls are considered necrophilia

  • The head of the Council on the classification of films (controls the advertising market in Kenya), said that advertising them is immoral and wrong. To use – especially, because from his point of view there is no difference between sex with a doll and a corpse.

  • In Texas, they tried to ban sex toys

  • Texas senator Ted Cruz in 2007 wanted to ban the advertising and sale of dildos, artificial vaginas and “other obscene devices” throughout the state. His impulses, he explained the concern for public morality and the fact that no one has the right to stimulate the genitals for purposes not related to childbearing. But last year he changed his point of view – apparently, he found a good artificial vagina.

    5 funny cases when politicians banned sex
  • Again Texas – and fines for a fucking girl

  • Last year, Rep. Jessica Farrar offered to fine men by $ 100 for masturbation. Like, if if sperm is not used for insemination of a woman, then it is wasted. So be careful when you decide to vzdrochnut in Texas – suddenly fined?

  • Zhirinovsky against frequent sex

  • In 2013, Vladimir Volfovich conducted a lesson in sex education in a Moscow school and told the children that it is impossible to have sex more than once a week. Because if you do it more often, then everyone will be happy, and artists and musicians will be less. They need the reasons for suffering – and the lack of sex is just right.


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