The latest Russian laser

The latest Russian combat laser complex “Peresvet” presented by President Vladimir Putin in March, they began to modernize. Yuri Borisov in an interview with TV channel “Star”.

Answering the question about when “Peresvet” can be seen at the Victory parade, he says that it will happen after work on the modernization of the complex. “If today it requires a lot of security vehicles,” he said.

The Deputy Minister believes that the complex will be ready for the demonstration “in the next two to three years.”

Also in the interview he has the 10 fighter-interceptor MiG-31K with the latest hypersonic missiles “Dagger”, they are on duty and ready to use.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the development of a laser complex in March 2018 in the message to the Federal Assembly. He was then shown footage, which was captured the weapon. The installation is called “Relight”.


European champion wrestler Baitsaev said that he was able to win gold at the peak of the sports form

CASPIAN, May 5. / TASS /. Russian freestyle wrestler Vladislav Bajtsaev won the first gold of the European championship in his career due to the fact that he was able to approach the competition in Dagestan at the peak of the form, the athlete did not give his opponents a single point in the tournament. He told journalists about this.

In the decisive battle in the weight category up to 97 kg, the 27-year-old Russian athlete defeated Alexander Gushtyn from Belarus with a score of 7: 0.

"The coaches helped me to reach the peak of the form for this tournament, I spent a lot of time at the training camps, worked hard. And here for every fight was adjusted to the full, because all the rivals in Dagestan were good", – said Baytsayev.

Asked by journalists how Baytsaev could not give any points to his rivals, he replied with a smile: "I accidentally".

He won the first medal of the European Championship in 2011, becoming a silver medalist in Dortmund, in 2013 he was a bronze medalist in Tbilisi. "I did not give up, I stood my ground. And I’m glad that this day has finally come, I won gold", – said the Ossetian wrestler.

The European Championship in wrestling will end in Kaspiisk on May 6.

On the Petrograd side again burned resettled tenement building

Fire in the Petrogradsky district occurred on the night of may 6 – fired up settled the apartment house of Bacevich.

Information about the fire in building 7 Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street came at 02:40, the press service of EMERCOM in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. The building caught fire overlap between the second and third floors. The total area of ​​fire made 150 square meters.

    On the Petrograd side again burned resettled tenement building

Eliminate the fire was at 04:28. It is noted that no one was hurt. The fire was fought by the forces, 8 fire brigades (32 firefighters).

We will add that building 7 Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street was settled in 2011. Now the building is called repaired. Fires occur there regularly.

The apartment house of Bacevich was built in 1912 by architect Alexei Zazersky. The building belongs to the architectural style of art Nouveau.

“If you have not seen, do not understand the patient”

"If you have not seen, do not understand the patient"

Photo: Elena Martyanova

Head nurse and coordinator of the three branches of the medical center “Bytes BA Lev”, a specialist in palliative care Gaya, Vachan Hayat told “” in Israel are staff working with those who need palliative care.


In the medical center “Bytes BA Lev” three offices: 80 people connected to the apparatus of artificial lung ventilation (ALV). This is not the ICU, and not the palliative ward and some patients, after the respiratory rehabilitation out of here and back to normal life. But the majority of palliative patients.

“People can live at home, he from the Ministry of Health, for two nurses, and necessary equipment”

– You have a degree in nursing. You have received some additional information in the field of palliative care?

– Yes, of course. I was trained on the course “Specialization in cancer”, and then another separate course in palliative care. And for 10 years I have been helping patients on artificial lung ventilation.

– In Israel, many patients with IVL, much more than officially in Moscow. We think that these patients die in intensive care units or at home, not receiving palliative care. When and how do you come to understand that these patients are many and they should not be in an intensive care and in a specialist unit?

We went to this for a very long time. The first centers offices IVL appeared 14 years ago, and there were also a few people. But our population has increased and aged, and we saw that the demand is growing. Then began to open such centers as ours.

80 patients on the ventilator. What diagnosis are these people doing?

– Very many cases have BASS, with diffuse lung injuries, many PTSD patients after accidents for example. There are patients after surgery who have developed complications. There are those who tried to commit suicide, as a rule, young people, and it’s very sad.

– Who decides on the transfer of the patient on a ventilator?

– While the person is in the hospital, according to the Protocol, the doctors are doing all that he was breathing on his own. If the patient can not breathe, the head of the department must have a tracheostomy. Some time the patient tracheostomy is still in the hospital, and the doctor keeps trying to get him back to normal life. And only in the case of exhausted efforts, the patient is admitted with a tracheostomy in our Department. We have all patients with tracheostomy. At the same time, we are not all patients palliative.

There are patients who are we respiratory rehabilitation, after which the tracheostomy was removed and they breathe on their own.

– Is it possible to transfer the patient with the ventilator home from the hospital?

– It does not happen often, but Israeli law gives such an opportunity. A person can live at home, he from the Ministry of Health, for two nurses, and necessary equipment: bed, chair, ventilator and consumables to him.

– All this for free?

Yes. Everything about the ventilator, and its maintenance and purchase of consumables. In addition, we are in our offices. And if conditions allow the patient to live at home, tested and meet all the requirements of health and safety, only in this case, we can let go of the patient’s home.

– What conditions have to be home?

– First, the electricity must be uninterrupted. Secondly, the apartment should be provided with transport wheelchairs in the bathroom and the bathroom. It all checked. And relatives to be prepared.

You have not a lot of patients going home with a ventilator. Why?

– We are sick were they wanted to live at home and their families. Of course, we support people in their desire to live at home, if the opportunity they have at home, as they say, and walls are treated, and yet. But not always, these components are the same – sometimes people want to go home, but at home, absolutely no conditions. And not all families can take on this responsibility. I have a patient who does not want to go home because he is afraid.

“The man who has no empathy, can not work with such patients”

– How much time a patient on a ventilator may lie in your Department?

– A very long lie here, sometimes for five or six years. That is, for them it’s basically house. If it is not possible to define them in any other home environment, then they remain with us until the end of life.

If the person is unconscious, there is needed more work with his family. Because the family is in a very difficult position, until they get used to the idea that their loved ones will not return to consciousness. We try to surround the house. It’s a TV, a radio player with your favorite music. Or it could be photographs, paintings that people.

To surround the person’s maximum attention and care is something that we can and should do.

Even if he is not conscious?


– How often such a patient can come related?

Very often. There are those who come several times a day, alternating. If the family lives far away, to the extent possible, but most patients come home every day. So, one of our patients every day comes the son, brings a fresh newspaper, prays together with the Pope, talks to him, talks about the latest political news. Another patient is very attached to our team and sometimes prefers about some household service. A man chooses what he prefers.

– And how do you teach the staff to communicate with patients unconscious? After all, many novice employees will not perceive the person in such a state as a complete person – I’m sorry for such words, we get that a lot. Do you have any standards or protocols?

"If you have not seen, do not understand the patient"

Dimkinoy happiness

It is very heavy, of course. Every time and at a staff meeting, and when you crawl, I tell my employees: “Treat patients the way you have approached yourself.” So you should always see the person. Unfortunately, in everyday, routine work is forgotten. When this happens, I, as a leader, always react to it. Sometimes having a conversation with you privately, sometimes publicly in the meeting, apart from the specific names, and then people are not offended, but understand their situation and begin to understand what needs to change. In addition, we have conducted various courses for the senior, the Junior and nursing staff: how to treat patients, which they have rights, morally, ethically to approach a range of issues. We had this course. Someone was lying on the bed blindfolded, and he made manipulations – people felt, how hard it is, what is it? In General, this experience is instilled in this way: if you have not seen, do not understand the patient. There are a course of empathy, which teaches our employees, and it is very important.

– That is, empathy should be taught?

– Yes, it is necessary to develop and need to know how to do it. I believe that the man who has no empathy, can not work with such patients.

– And how do you deal with the emotional burnout? How do you keep employees?

– Emotionally burn out. But again, you need to understand that this is your job, and if you used your resources. It gives us strength. But if from the Department is issued a man-we just had a holiday coming, it’s tears of joy in the eyes of employees.

In such offices, like ours, not all patients on mechanical ventilation are palliative. There are patients who are undergo some rehabilitation in this period are with us, and then we transfer them to other departments. One patient recently was a respiratory disease, then we have disconnected from the machine, took out a tracheostomy, and is now an independent person. Sometimes comes to us through the office, greeting the staff, of course, happiness.

Often we go on the office on trips, spend some small parties, and this fellowship gives me strength.

“We go not only to palliative patients, but to anyone at our hospital who need pain relief”

– I know you pay much attention to anesthesia.

– We believe that people should not suffer and that we can make sure that he did not suffer. I can not promise that I will not be able to promise a patient that has come to me in the office. This is very important. We have patients who are unable to talk about their pain, but there are scales on which we determine their pain. Our entire team knows how to use these scales: and nurses and doctors can identify the pain and find patient pain medications. At this point.

– How often do you assess the level of pain the patient?

– If the person only did we. Then, as a rule, evaluate his condition in the morning and evening, but if necessary, the change can be assessed several times – for example, if the patient is unstable, and we picked up the pain is optimally suited for him.

– I heard that you have inside the hospital there is a palliative care committee, which decides on the use of narcotic analgesics?

– Yes, it’s palliative care forum: the physician, the nurse, the director of pharmacy, social worker, physiotherapist, nutritionist and psychologist need. We develop different protocols that are all of our hospital. Call us as required in an office. For example, recently I was asked to help the team, who could not explain to the family. The nurse brought the patient the pills, he took them, but continued to experience pain. It turned out that he did not drink, the drugs, and his wife. Health workers talked to my wife, but she was unable to convince her that these drugs were necessary. I had a long time to talk with her and explain that she would not be able to stand up. And it was necessary.

But it was not a palliative patient?

– No. After all, we go not only to palliative patients, but to anyone at our hospital who need pain relief.

– How are decisions about palliative sedation?

"If you have not seen, do not understand the patient"“Intramuscular injection we do not use because it hurts”

It is a very difficult decision, and not all doctors, especially at the beginning, was for this method. But little by little, everyone understands that it is a necessity. We have developed a Protocol that is suitable palliative patient and which is determined in addition to morphine with the task of sedatives suppress the patient cope benzodiazepines. In addition, can be used symptomatic medication, such as vomiting and nausea. But the main drug is midazolam. We have a protocol under which we operate, and the doctors know how much to give and at what point, it uses a special scale that determines the consciousness of the patient. This is very important.

There are patients who say: “I want in certain hours, when I come, my family, to be awake, the rest of the time to sleep.”

They are those who are very hard, they suffer, they do not want to see yourself, see others, relatives and ask to make sure that they have not seen anything and not heard.

This happens in the last weeks of life, and here the individual approach is important to the person. Of course, in such a situation we are working with the patient and family to come to a common denominator.

“It is important to explain to friends that a palliative is not some kind of euthanasia”

– And how do you cook for difficult decisions?

– The family is cooperating with us. By law, we have the right to palliative care for the patient. We should tell the family what the palliative care is and why it is needed. There are families who understand the need for it, and there are others who believe that palliative is the road to death, and it is difficult for them to accept such a situation. And from our side, it is important to explain to relatives that it is important to understand that it does not affect the quality of life. No matter what stage the patient is located.

"If you have not seen, do not understand the patient"“If we call at night, it means we did a bad job day”

Recently we had a patient in the last stages of the disease, and despite this, we’ve talked a long time with the family and explained what was happening to her. Son was that the mother continued to treat, and to the last was sure that she needed a drastic medical intervention, but then realized that nothing can be done. There are families, who still need to be treated, the problem is, it is necessary to treat all the nuances.

– That is, from a religious point of view, need to last to treat?

– Yes, because everything from God and God decides when a person comes to die.

– But you have a palliative patient.

– Yes, it is. It all depends on what stage of the disease. He may be hemodialysis or a blood transfusion, can be done by a course of antibiotics.

– I have heard that you have a service that performs a small and essential desires of patients.

– Yes, we have emergency desires. Recently it came to me the son of one of the patients.

It is in Israel, on the sea. When I heard that, I thought that we can help him. Now we are dealing with the ambulance of the wishes on this issue. This is not always possible, of course, because the patient must be in such a condition.

– After death you support a family?

– Of course. Many people hospitalized here for years, and their families perceive this. People get used to each other, and caring man. I, as head nurse, talking to the family, and helping them in obtaining some documents in the state, we have a mashgiah, a religious man who deals directly with the question of the funeral. Our social worker must call the family. If a family has long-standing relations, we will visit her. Religious customs the family is the seven days at home. We send a letter to the family from our center of love.

Is it a random letter or some harvested?

– There is a prepared Protocol, but it is also very important to obtain such a letter from the center, where the closest person.


In Chelyabinsk began to disperse participants of the action “He is not our king.” One of the protesters was detained by the head of the interior Ministry

In Chelyabinsk began to disperse participants of the action "He is not our king." One of the protesters was detained by the head of the interior Ministry

In Chelyabinsk police “He is not our king.” On the message, the police “are very hard” and “twist all in a row”.

In Chelyabinsk began to disperse participants of the action "He is not our king." One of the protesters was detained by the head of the interior Ministry

The detentions started at the monument to Kurchatov, where he was appointed the protesters from the gathering, and continued from the Scarlet field. At the monument to Kurchatov, a young man was detained by Sergey Mironov, says

Before the action in Chelyabinsk under various pretexts, was detained 16 people, most of whom are volunteers of Navalny’s campaign staff. Some of them said they were detained on the suspicion of theft.

In Chelyabinsk began to disperse participants of the action "He is not our king." One of the protesters was detained by the head of the interior Ministry

According to the, the action was attended by two thousand people.

Poltavchenko took part in the action “Clean beach”

Poltavchenko took part in the action "Clean beach"Una photos the Governor of St. Petersburg Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. Photo: Instagram / Andrew Kibito

Today, may 5th, the Governor of St. Petersburg Petersburg took a rake across the Gulf of Finland. This was reported by his press Secretary Andrei Kibito by placing the appropriate photo in the social network "Instagram".

Environmental cleanup, with the participation of the Governor, was held at the Gulf of Finland. The protesters cleared the area from the yacht club "Baltiets" until the Duderhof canal. Poltavchenko personal example supported the campaign, and also took up the rake.

Action "Clean beach" annually held in Russia for 4 years. The venue was turned up by the exhibition of firefighting and rescue equipment and tents. In the subbotnik was attended by the townspeople and officials and volunteers.

“The locomotive” Semin again Champions. It was unique

Vladislav Voronin on the team, which ceased to be a loser.

To understand how insanely shook up “the locomotive” back to the spring of 2017.

It was uncertain, shuffling, stumbling “locomotive”. The President publicly pushed with the coach and believed that Semin was not able to move the team towards a brighter future. Herkus created the beauty of the stadium and placed the loungers on the grass, and the team sullenly sat on the 8th place and slightly pleased, making it difficult for new aesthetics. Major young stars – the Miranchuk brothers – it seems that here-here will go to some kind of “Spartak”.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

The team was nervous and had my doubts that Semin is capable of it anywhere. The President has already gone through the names of the new coaches. And suddenly – a flash. The Cup of Russia, where, panting and suffering, managed to squeeze these favorite Seminskii 1: 0. The team ceased to doubt, and was supported by Semin and took the Cup.

But even that trophy was not enough, so that the club ceased to shake. The President continued to look for a coach and at the same time the Board of Directors. It’s terribly grateful to Yuri Pavlovich, but what will happen with the next coach – it’s too unclear, let’s be more ambitious and will choose someone better and fresher. Semin all is accepted politely and stiffly acknowledged that imperfect, but concluded: if everything is so bad and the President is nothing fixed, it’s only fair to go both.

The management of Russian Railways is tired of these fights, and Semin with the minimum overweight has won (4: 3 votes for that coach left). The team did not rebel, “Loco” carefully scratched the glasses and the whole war turned into a quiet, unobtrusive background, all seemed to be in the near future.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Another amazing story – the fate of Igor Denisov.

Perhaps the most indifferent, the most dramatic, the most ostroslovy football of Russia with Semin suddenly became the perfect soldier. At Zenit he organized the crushing of internal revolution, demanding higher wages after moving the Hulk and Vitale. Dynamo was ready to fight with the head coach Cherchesov. And in “the Locomotive” has achieved a transcendent level of self-control: not at all. All the negative emotions he either swallows, or extinguishes, or somehow hiding.

Tell that in the locker room when everyone was showered, Packed and went home. The judges have already completed the Protocol, and Denisov, without removing the dirty form.

This sacrifice, the willingness not to strain other and the actual plowing of the midfield made him a very proper captain of the championship season.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

The importance of such individual stories as transformation Denisova, recently told the head coach of Juventus Massimiliano Allegri. After impulsive the match with “inter” (3: 2) he lashed out at broadcasters: “You watch basketball?” The attack lasts 24 seconds. I think in football you win scheme? “Let’s pay schemes.” You can only care about schemes and tactics. Well done! “.

This phrase – including about “locomotive” -2017/18. You can talk about secrecy and strict defense. Semina, on the other hand, is not exactly the same. only tactics, but also metaphysics. Configuration players who have met in my life. Here are the main topics of the “Locomotive”:

Solomon Kverkvelia one of the most consistent defenders in the Premier League in recent years – came to Semin after six months of abandonment in Spanish “Ruby”. He broke away from the bench and so alive, that he could really leave EPL in the summer and winter. Happiness “Locomotive” that this did not happen.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Vladislav Ignatiev suddenly bloomed in place of the right defender and drives the team even in the disappointing games.

Igor Denisov understand that this is the last chance to achieve something significant. No world cup, no departure to Europe, or move to another.

Manuel Fernandes he said that thanks to Semin if escaped: Olga Smorodskaya exiled him twice, and then he finally started to enjoy the work and gave the best half a year in Russia.

Anton and Aleksey Miranchuk. We all remember what Anton Miranchuk has not played for Lokomotiv in the beginning of 2017? He returned to Estonia in the spring of. Alex admits that he is calmer and more confident.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Purchase Farfán all was for the first time, the Peruvian took the leadership, and the coach, openly said that Jefferson’s overweight and that he did not really know its capabilities. Six months later, it was the main weapon of “Locomotive”, which was rivals even after a trip around the world. Now Farfan rushes to the main month in his career (2018 Peru) and killed so that it is difficult to believe that he’s 33 years old.

Seminsky “locomotive”. It’s all closed in and out of the chambers. It’s not spectacular and not assertive attack – each positional attack “Loko” as if fighting the fear to take a risk and open up. It’s too careful, too measured, too strict command.

But in this polyresin season, when “Spartak” corrode internal conflicts (“Loco” stepped through them), when in St. Petersburg the whole year rejects the coach (in Cherkizovo with this too) and when CSKA is struggling with zero in your wallet, accuracy and stability has become a key quality of a little distanced “Loco” from rivals.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Yeah, someone jumps up in the first place, boldly and confidently, and someone – not engrave and scrape his name on the small, timid movements, in the end, stumbling on the “Ufa” or “Ahmad”. But fundamentally it changes nothing.

Lokomotiv is finally wiped away with the mask of the loser.


Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexander vilf, Alexei Filippov (2-5), Mr Song

The President of Iran said that the US will regret it if you come out of the

The President of Iran said that the US will regret it if you come out of the

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that if the U.S. withdraws from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (SVPD) on the Iranian nuclear program, you’ll soon regret it. The text of the speech is the office of the Iranian President.

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said that Iran is ready to any U.S. decision on the nuclear deal. "We do not want war and tension, but we will vigorously defend our rights"”Said Rouhani. Tass. He also added that the US will not be able to do anything against the Iranian people, reports TASS.

SVPD was agreed upon by Tehran and six world powers – Russia, Britain, China, USA, France and Germa nia in 2015. In January 2016 it entered into the implementation phase.

The agreement provides for the lifting of sanctions against Iran by the UN Security Council, the US and the EU. In return, Tehran committed to limit its nuclear activities and bring it under international control.

On January 12 of this year, trump said that Washington will cease participation in the AGREEMENT, if it is not amended. The American leader said that it was renewed the lifting of sanctions against Iran. however, according to the trumpet, this was the conclusion of an agreement with the European allies to fix the terrible flaws of the Iranian nuclear deal.

The decision to adhere or not SVPD, trump is going to take until may 12.

The courier was the victim of a robber with a knife on the North of St. Petersburg. Petersburg

The courier was the victim of a robber with a knife on the North of St. Petersburg. Petersburg

Photo: Baltphoto / Valentin Egorshin

In St. Petersburg police are looking for the attackers, who with a knife attacked the courier online-store in Vyborg district of St. Petersburg. Petersburg.

According to GU MVD of Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, a robbery occurred on 5 may.

The courier the online store was supposed to deliver the parcel to the North of St. Petersburg. Petersburg, on the Moika river embankment. Together with the 23-year-old boy in the Elevator and two unknown. The courier they had a knife and demanded to give the parcel. Inside, as it turned out.

The amount of damage estimated at 100 thousand rubles.

Article "Robbery" criminal case is brought. Presently police establishes the identity of the attackers.

Alexei Zhamnov: “will Continue to play Koshechkin.” Victorious structure do not change “

Alexei Zhamnov: "will Continue to play Koshechkin." Victorious structure do not change "The coach of the national team of Russia Alexei Zhamnov / Photo: © FHR

The coach of the national team of Russia Alexei Zhamnov commented on the situation with striker Nikita Gusev and remembered the opening match of the 2018 World Cup against France (7: 0).

– There are positive moments, and need to focus. Played until the first match of the tournament. In the next few years, with the French, we are slightly moved away from our game. It is clear that now there was only France, but then the opponents will be much more serious. The team must play for all 60 minutes. Gusev arrived, we will follow him. Will there be training on Sunday? Look, he is not yet ready to play. We will keep the situation under control. We are not in a hurry. Going to look now play Austria, to analyze. Specifically, until them I can not say anything, as the team have not seen. I think that in the next match will be Koshechkin in goal.

Alexei Zhamnov: "will Continue to play Koshechkin." Victorious structure do not change "Russia – France – 7: 0. Goals

The following rival of the Russian team at the World Championships in Copenhagen will be the team of Austria. The meeting will take place on 6 may.