Orlov: “Carrera is a failed coach”

The journalist expressed his opinion about the Italian.

Orlov: "Carrera is a failed coach"


Famous TV commentator Gennady Orlov shared his opinion about Massimo Carrera. He noted that the specialist did not cope with “Spartacus”. Recall red and white ahead of Zenit and go third in the Premier League table.

“I continue to assert that Carrera is still a failed trainer. He now lost the team. How did this happen? They are all on good salaries, and do not perform tasks, especially defense players. Promes plays unevenly, does not bother himself with playing at his gates. This is coaching “, – told Orlov for “GSO Live”.

Author: Andrey Volkov

“Inter” raised five million euros from the sale of tickets for the match with “Juventus”. This is a record for the A series

"Inter" in his Twitter reported that he sold all 78,328 tickets for the home match of the 35th round of the championship of Italy against "Juventus", having gained for them five million euros. This amount is a record for Serie A.

Match "Inter" – "Juventus" will be held on April 28 at the stadium "San Siro". Turintsy top the tournament table of the Italian championship with 85 points, Milanese – the fifth (66).

Kambek with “Barcelona” changed the mentality of “Roma”. She still has a chance

Alexey Loginov – about the defeat of the Romans at the “Anfield”.

Kambek with "Barcelona" changed the mentality of "Roma". She still has a chance

Catastrophe. A shame. Humiliation. Today in the newspapers they will write anything, but not this. Let “Roma” lost to “Liverpool” absolutely on the case, however, two goals in the goal of Alison should not be counted. In the episode with the first goal there was a foul on Strohtmann:

Kambek with "Barcelona" changed the mentality of "Roma". She still has a chanceIn the episode with the third goal – offside:

Kambek with "Barcelona" changed the mentality of "Roma". She still has a chance

Nevertheless, I’m not inclined to dramatize what happened – it is still unknown, could “jallorossi” score, if not Jurgen Klopp’s love for theatrical effects. Not every coach is able to replace in the semifinals of the Champions League, located at the peak of the form of the main star.

This time, Eusebio Di Francesco lost a tactical duel, and not to anyone, but to himself. Already in the first half hour of the game it became clear – the coach of Roma was too smart, although it was a deceptive impression that the guests are imposing an equal game on Liverpool. The Romans were located too high, just like the Empoli of the time of Maurizio Sarri. However, in matches against such an opponent it was a suicide – sooner or later the reactive Salah and Manet would break away from the slow central defenders of the “jallorossi”. And on the flanks of the Kolarov and Florenci very far forward, although the “defense at five” would look more appropriate.

After Manet did not realize the output one on one, Di Francesco was obliged to give the order to drop below. However, his main goal was at least one goal, and he was ready to make sacrifices for this. Nobody could assume that the referee will not whistle offsides, and the magnificent Alison Becker will miss the ball, which goalkeepers of his level should fend off.

Another thing is the personal care of Salah. On the eve of many Italian experts advised Di Francesco to put the watchman to the forward of “Liverpool”. However, the coach of “Roma” preferred the same method that he successfully used against Leo Messi in the quarter-finals. Probably, he became a hostage to the chosen arrangement 3-4-2-1, which suggested (due to the movements of De Rossi) the presence of an extra player during the positional attacks of the Merseyside. The idea was to isolate the Egyptian from his partners in the attack. However, in fact, Manet and especially Firmino were even more dangerous – after the break they tore up the defense of the Romans. In addition, of all the defenders of “Roma” only Fasio played at a decent level. When “Roma” burns, it burns well.

Kambek with "Barcelona" changed the mentality of "Roma". She still has a chance

And suffered a midfield. The numerical superiority of Liverpool in this line is the necessary fee for the scheme. The situation was aggravated by Nainggolan’s desire to act in the style of classic trekvartisty, which was probably the indication of the coach. As a result, Strohtan was time and again lonely against Milner and Henderson. Captain Daniele De Rossi was inert and completely useless, it could be removed before the break. It is no coincidence Edin Dzeko went far back to at least somehow get out of the defense in those cases when the Romans could cling to the ball in the center of the field. This led to a loss of depth of attack – a small Under was unable to provide it. The already slow midfielders of the Jallorossi braked even more – they did not have the necessary addressee. And this is extra loss in dangerous situations during the change of ownership. That’s why after the break Shik was needed – the second striker of “Roma”, who knows how to conduct a power struggle in the front line.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

From the 20th to the 80th minute, Jurgen Klopp’s team operated at cosmic speeds, which you will not see in the A series. Liverpool outperformed Roma in all the main parameters: physics, athletics, tactics and technology. At some point, it appeared that Di Francesco had sailed, and we would see one of those grandiose routings that Inter regularly hosted his Sassuolo.

But no. The ability to recognize and correct your own mistakes is a sign of a great coach. It’s never too late to rebuild, even when flying at Anfield with a score of 0: 5. Di Francesco removed Jesus, released Perotti and returned to the module with four defenders. Classic. Meet the Italian school. The guests immediately had an extra player in the center, the English, apparently, imagined that everything was over. And the departure of Salah provoked such sentiments. Score “Roma” third ball, and the Roman typhosi would go home in a completely different mood.

Kambek with "Barcelona" changed the mentality of "Roma". She still has a chance

Teams Luciano Spalletti or Rudy Garcia would crumble after the fifth goal of Roberto Firmino. For sure, “jallorossi” would have fallen into a stupor and would have missed a couple of goals, as happened with them in the games against Manchester United and Bayern. We have already seen this face of Daniele De Rossi and the look of a hunted wolf cub. But the historical kampback with “Barcelona” changed the mentality of “Roma”. She learned to respond, even when an opponent catches courage, and circumstances are formed against her.

Yesterday at the “Anfield” “Roma” suffered a heavy, but not definitive defeat. The miracle on the “Olimpico” changed the calcho – just the next day it proved Massimiliano Allegri. After the defeat of Messi and Co, the Italians know: if you attach your soul and passion to the intellect, nothing is impossible.

To all who love Italy, we say GRAZIE!

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Roma fans detained in Liverpool and suspected of attempted murder

Roma fans detained in Liverpool and suspected of attempted murder

The Liverpool police issued a statement on the incident that occurred in the city before the match ½ Champions League final between Liverpool and Roma.

“We can confirm that 9 people between the ages of 20 and 43 have been detained for various violations of the law, including suspicion of attempted murder, harm to health, assault, possession of weapons and drugs, damage and riots in a state of intoxication “, Reads the text of the release.

The day before it became known that a 53-year-old man (allegedly a fan of Liverpool) was stabbed near Anfield as a result of an attack by a group of 20 Italian fans. At the moment he is in critical condition.

It is noted that two admirers of the Roman club (from 25 to 26 years old) who are suspected of attempted murder are arrested for the incident.

Nabi Keita received the fourth red card of the season

Midfielder “Leipzig” Nabi Keita, who in July will move to Liverpool, has received the fourth red card of the season.

In Saturday’s game in the Bundesliga Keita was shown a yellow and then a red card in a short period of time for fouls on the midfielder, “Mainz” Alexandru Maxim and Bot Baku.

Nabi this season, twice received a red card in the mats for the “Leipzig” and once for the national team of Guinea in the period from 16 September to 25 October.

Thus, the player is suspended from participation in the Saturday match against “Wolfsburg” – the final home game of the “Leipzig” of the season.

In August of the last year, Liverpool confirmed the transfer of Keith. The club agreed to pay for the player of 48 million pounds plus bonuses. In the case of getting into the Champions League, “Leipzig” can get a total of 59 million pounds, but after the defeat in the last round they lag behind the five points from the first four. If “Leipzig” qualifies for the Europa League, Liverpool will pay 52.75 million pounds.

National teams of Australia, Japan and Colombia will arrive in Tatarstan on June 10-13

KAZAN, April 27th. / TASS /. Teams of Japan, Australia and Colombia, which will be based in Tatarstan for the time of the World Cup in 2018, are planning to arrive at their bases on June 10-13. Tass learned this from the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov.

"We plan to visit the teams on June 10, 12 and 13", – he said.

As reported, in Tatarstan, the Australian team chose the base of HC "AK Bars", Japan – base FC "Ruby", Colombia – the stadium "Sviyaga" in the village of Medvedkovo.

Leonov said that the bases had been renovated. He added that with existing databases "The ruby" and "Ak Barsa" "all clear". "The only thing we have there is a new field on the "Sviyaga", we have specially built it within the framework of our complex, our children’s youth sports school for shooting shooting, and we plan for this district to open a branch of football there", – said Leonov.

The Football World Cup will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in 11 Russian cities. Kazan will host six matches – four group stage matches (June 16, 20, 24, June 27), as well as 1/8 (June 30) and 1/4 (July 6) finals. In the group stage of the championship in Kazan will play teams of Australia, Germany, Iran, Spain, Colombia, Poland, France and South Korea.

The delegation of the Russian Federation will participate in the meeting of the PACE special commission June 1 in Zagreb

STRASBOURG, April 26. / TASS /. Russia will participate in the next meeting of the ad hoc committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on the harmonization of the activities of the statutory bodies of the Council of Europe (CoE), which will be held on June 1 in Zagreb. This was reported to journalists on Thursday by the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky following a meeting of the PACE special commission in Strasbourg.

"We will participate in the meeting on June 1 in Zagreb, we do not cut off cooperation with political groups and a number of national delegations to the Assembly, but to say that the special commission is close to recommending the assembly to adopt regulatory amendments on the abolition of dividing lines and on non-reconsideration of powers country delegations for today would still be a utopia. We continue to work", said Slutsky.

At the same time, the Russian parliamentarian admitted that the future of this special commission, created in late 2017 with the active participation of the current PACE chairman, Michele Nicoletti, raises questions, considering that this year the head of the assembly will resign. According to Slutsky, at least two more ad hoc meetings will be held – June 1 in Zagreb, as well as a meeting during the June session of the PACE in Strasbourg. "What will happen next … I think the committee will continue to work, it’s another matter how constructive this work will be", – he remarked.

It is not known, Slutsky added, just how much the special commission will be able to "approach that most members recommend to the Assembly the adoption of regulatory amendments on the non-discrimination of country delegations", on which the Russian Federation insists. "This is a big question, and today, it seems to me, to discuss it early, but we are working for this and with many leaders of country delegations without any utopia, we come to a unified position that such regulatory amendments are necessary – not for Russia, but for The name of the future Council [of Europe], its Parliamentary Assembly in the European architecture of the twenty-first century", – the deputy considers.

The position of the Russian Federation finds more and more supporters

Slutsky added that Russia’s position with the demand to introduce changes into the PACE regulation, which exclude the possibility to restrict the rights of individual national parliamentary delegations, is finding more and more supporters within the assembly.

Summing up the results of the third meeting of the PACE special commission on harmonization of the activities of the statutory bodies of the Council of Europe (CE) this year, Slutsky acknowledged that significant progress on the issues under consideration was not achieved after an hour and a half discussion. "The variance of the issues under consideration is too large. Maybe this is a plus, because [PACE President Michele] Nicoletti does not hit aiming, but tries to consider in a complex the whole array of issues facing PACE today", – the Russian parliamentarian stated, answering the TASS question.

"We will continue to work and clearly defend our position, which does not change, and it is gratifying that, without any utopia, more and more members of the special committee, leaders of parliamentary delegations, influential members of the Parliamentary Assembly share this position [RF]", – added Slutsky.

As he stressed, during this meeting, Russia’s point of view was again voiced in Strasbourg. "We have once again reflected the position of the Russian Federation that our full-fledged full-blooded return to PACE is possible only after the adoption of regulatory amendments that no powers of national delegations can be reviewed in the Parliamentary Assembly. Accordingly, no one spoke against this, on the contrary a number of members of the special committee spoke in favor of the need to listen to this position and take it into account in the next meeting of the commission on June 1 in Zagreb", the deputy said.

Ad hoc commission The PACE Bureau was established in December 2017. Its main goal is to harmonize the activities of the statutory bodies of the Council of Europe – the Committee of Ministers (CMCE) and PACE. The work of the special commission is based on the report of the current PACE head, Michele Nicoletti, on October 11, 2017, a separate resolution of the assembly was adopted. In it it was said, in particular, about inconsistency in the composition of the CMCE and PACE, as Russia does not participate in the work of the assembly. The current meeting has become the third in a row since the beginning of 2018.

The delegation of the Russian Federation to the PACE in April 2014 was deprived of its basic powers due to the events in Ukraine and the reunification of the Crimea with the Russian Federation. In 2015, the PACE twice considered the question of restoring the rights of the Russian delegation, but then the sanctions remained in place: Russian parliamentarians were left without the right to vote at the assembly meetings, and were suspended from the PACE governing bodies and its election observation missions in the Council space Europe before the end of 2015. In response, the delegation of the Russian Federation said that it refused to work under such conditions, and in 2016-2017 did not send an application for confirmation of its authorities because of the Russophobic sentiments that persisted in Strasbourg.

At the end of June 2017 it became known that Moscow is suspending payment of its contribution to the Council of Europe in connection with the non-participation of the Russian delegation in the work of the PACE. At the same time, the Russian side proposes that the regulations of the Assembly include provisions that no one has the right to deny the powers of any national delegations. January 11, Leonid Slutsky said that Russia will not send an application for confirmation of the Russian delegation’s authority in the PACE in 2018.

Additional skills in the preparation for the 2018 World Cup were 210 thousand Russians

Additional skills in the preparation for the 2018 World Cup were 210 thousand Russians

MOSCOW, April 25. / TASS /. More skills in preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup were given to 210 thousand Russians. This is stated in the study "Assessment of the impact of the 2018 World Cup in Russia on the economic, social and environmental spheres", which is being presented on Wednesday in Moscow.

In the construction, qualification was increased by 79 thousand people, in the hotel and restaurant industry – 38 thousand, transport and communications – 18 thousand, other communal, social and personal services – 18 thousand, in the organization of the tournament – 5 thousand. Volunteer skills received 52 thousand Russians.

Additional skills in the preparation for the 2018 World Cup were 210 thousand RussiansMatch in Stalingrad: Myths and Facts

The report notes the influence of the tournament on the development of physical culture and sports. In the country, eight stadiums were built, four arenas were reconstructed, 95 training grounds appeared. The share of the population engaged in physical culture and sports in 2016 compared with 2010 increased: among the entire population – from 19% to 37% in the regions where the tournament will take place, and from 18% to 33% in other regions, among students – from 54% to 83% in the regions where the tournament will take place, and from 54% to 71% in other regions. The document states that 76% of Russians believe that the tournament will give impetus to the development of physical culture and mass sports in the country.

In preparation for the tournament, 10 projects were implemented to build and modernize water treatment systems, water and sewerage networks and four projects to modernize the infrastructure for complex processing and storage of solid domestic waste (SDW). 16 regional city hospitals were repaired. In Volgograd, a helipad for medical helicopters was built, in Kaliningrad – a new site for the emergency aid corps, in Samara, two health care facilities were rehabilitated, including intensive care, intensive care, X-ray and endoscopy. 622 ambulances were purchased.

The tournament will enhance Russia’s image

During the preparation period, 20 railway stations and stations were reconstructed and modernized, and the length of the constructed and reconstructed roads was 178 km. The capacity of airports in cities that will be accepted by tournament matches has increased by at least 30% (Nizhny Novgorod), and in five cities this figure has reached 100% or more – Volgograd (280), Samara (130), Rostov-on-Don (120 ), Saransk (100) and Yekaterinburg (100). In three cities – Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and St. Petersburg – new metro stations were opened. In all cities that will host meetings, the rolling stock of ground transportation has been updated: from 5% in St. Petersburg to 74% in Kazan.

The report recalled that during the tournament in the country will be 360 ​​cultural and educational events. It is noted that the high quality of the championship depends on the fulfillment of three main conditions – the benevolence and competence of volunteers, the qualitative organization of the event and security. The tournament is said to enhance the image of the country: 77% of Russians believe that holding the tournament contributes to the country’s prestige, 69% of Russians think that holding the tournament promotes the growth of patriotic feelings, 98% of fans liked the experience of visiting the Confederations Cup held in the country in June -July 2017, 80% of fans noted that their opinion of Russia improved after visiting the Confederations Cup.

“Juventus” is in contact with Milinkovich-Savichem

The Serbian player can change the club.

"Juventus" is in contact with Milinkovich-SavichemTuttosport

“Juventus” is in contact with midfielder “Lazio” Sergei Milinkovich-Savich. This is reported by Tuttosport. Earlier it was reported that the Turinians began negotiations with “Lazio”. Thus, the club is seriously interested in the Serbian transition.

The cost of the player is estimated at 100 million euros. The source reports that negotiations are expected to be complicated.

Author: Andrey Volkov

Fetisov about the refusals of the Finnish NHL players from the World Cup: “Perhaps they are no longer patriotic. In Russia the situation is the opposite “

Two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Fetisov spoke about the reluctance of many Finnish NHL players to participate in the World Cup.

“Perhaps the Finnish players are no longer patriotic, as people would like in Finland. In Russia the situation is the opposite.

All Russian players from the NHL want to play for the national team, if there are no injuries or any serious personal circumstances.

I know that players have disagreements with coaches, but this is second-rate. Much more important is the opportunity to wear a sweater, on which the name of the country is written, “Fetisov said.