2018 world cup: New Saransk stadium hits hits record attendance

2018 world cup: New Saransk stadium hits hits record attendance

2018 world cup: New Saransk stadium hits hits record attendance

When Saransk was granted the right to host matches of the world Cup, some of it caused a sarcastic smile. Say, a city of a thousand people. Although the same French lance in which he lives is ten times less people, its small size does not prevent to become one of the masters of the French Euro 2016. And even a cursory acquaintance with the capital of Mordovia gives a huge boost to development, and he is more than worthy of a big football.

Saransk and further proud title of the most prosperous provinces, and cleaned streets and neat beautiful houses here, there was obviously without the championship. To the question, how do you manage to maintain such perfect order, the head of the city district Saransk Pyotr Tultaev says simply: "Of course it is the task of the authorities to keep the city clean. But without the help and understanding of the inhabitants is impossible to do. We have the concept of voluntary work, but it’s not the cleanup that was in the days of the Soviet Union. We ask people as soon as winter goes away, to help clean up in your yard, on your street. Utilities also work very well and his business".

Tutaev says that not during the world Cup of the city is flooded with thousands of guests, there will be even cleaner. Each square meter of the city has a special people, and to get out they will be unnoticed. "Our task is not to create any obstacles in their way. And just a little bit of a bottle or a piece of paper, if someone threw," stressed of head of Saransk.

Thanks for the 2018 world cup in the capital of Mordovia was completely new, a modern road junction. But the main pride, of course, this 45-seat stadium, which stands out in the panorama of the city, even when looking at the Saransk from the window. And when you get to the center, then the arena seems to be everywhere. White-yellow-orange color, which is made the roof, symbolizing the sun. Inside as brightly as the tribune has moved up to a field very close and even with the upper ranks of it’s amazing. However, the fate of these places was not fully resolved. The 45-seat stadium after the world Cup can be transformed into 30-thousand if the upper tier to disassemble.

– The decision to dismantle 15 thousand places until I finally accepted. Will take it after the world Cup, in August-September. The most important thing is to calculate correctly the business plan. If economically feasible, we will certainly do it, “says Alexey Merkushkin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Target Programs, Republic of Mordovia.

But he adds: "If you remove the temporary place, from the point of view of the content. They release a large amount of space with the networking and communications platform with the width of about 20 meters around the perimeter of the stadium, where you can place sports halls, commercial premises and so on".

Temporary grandstands – is the only one that took the spectators. In the second test match "Mordovia" against "KAMAZ" opened a lot of seats in the bottom tier. Tickets sold at the symbolic price of 100 rubles, and the total audience is made up 22834 spectators. To understand the scale – in this season, which Saranskaya the team holds at the bottom of Russian professional football, PFL, the average attendance was about two thousand people. Thus, in Saransk broke the record for the number of spectators at the match the third power of the League. But the current numbers will hold for long. May 16 "Mordovia" takes a direct competitor in the struggle for an exit in the national Football League "Syzran-2003" and the third test.

– It was important for us to test again. Everything worked well: the loading – unloading fans feed point. The match passed without incident. I highly appreciate the results from the point of view of the operation of the stadium, “said after the final whistle of Alexey Merkushkin.

The only thing that upset the local fans is the result of the game. "Mordovia" lost 0: 1, and the first in the history of the new stadium – the previous test match ended in a goalless draw – scoring forward "KAMAZ" Ruslan Galiakberov. Second defeat in a row can affect the prospects of the Saransk team, but while she holds the lead and has good chances of promotion. This is important not only for the club, who two years ago played in the elite division, but for the stadium – this arena was built explicitly in order to pursue her game of PFL.

– We are sure that our team will play in the Premier League. Work is underway to search for new partners and sponsors. Alexey Merkushkin. Still, the club with the new ultra-modern stadium is getting much more interesting for them. There are plans that the team will play highly. But from the point of view of the economy. We can fill this object with other various activities.


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